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Dan posted:

Here's the 12V touch board I've tested for Doc. Will be giving it a full test later on:

posted on: 09/08/2013 17:24:47

dave posted:

That's the new board ? Thought he had the old 1 ?
posted on: 09/08/2013 19:59:08

Dan posted:

[quote=dave;901]That's the new board ? Thought he had the old 1 ?[/quote]

Nope he has the new one now.  As I'm not supporting the software for the old board anymore....

Right , not great news I'm afraid Doc, your LCD screen doesn't appear to work, its just a White screen when you turn it on:

You may need to get in touch with the seller and see if they can replace it.  Dave had a problem with his screen and they replaced it.

So here it is being tested on my screen:

Note: Some of the sensor figures will be incorrect as not all sensors are connected (motor temp, reed).  I've tested all the mosfets and they all work fine

Will get it all back in the post for you today.

posted on: 10/08/2013 07:44:52

Doc Holliday posted:

Hi Dan,
you are to quick for me

was a few day´s "out of order" - working far away - but now i´m back

thanks for the new board and test
I´ve send a message to the seller of the LCD screen , . . .
so it seems that erverything else is working fine - just have to wait for the new LCD and then giving my C5 a new "touch"

posted on: 11/08/2013 09:59:10

dave posted:

Good another touch on the road nice work doc first 1 in germany
posted on: 11/08/2013 11:28:40

Dan posted:

[quote=Doc Holliday;907]thanks for the new board and test Drool
I´ve send a message to the seller of the LCD screen , . . .
so it seems that erverything else is working fine - just have to wait for the new LCD and then giving my C5 a new "touch" Love[/quote]

Glad you like it One thing I wanted to ask was where did you get your heat sink from? It's the perfect shape and size for this board and want to get some for myself
posted on: 11/08/2013 16:52:52

dave posted:

That's going to have to go in a big big box
posted on: 11/08/2013 17:01:40

Doc Holliday posted:

Hi Dan & Dave,
my plan is to put the electrics (exept the current sensor, motor relay, temp, . . .) into a "cockpit" like the "rocket C5" - because there is a lot of (cooler/dryer) space and it is stabilizing the upper part of the sinclair when driving on gravel roads.

The heat sink´s from "conrad":

but don´t know where to fix the flux-kompensator

i need the space because:

1. Touchsreen
2. Rearviewscreen (have no mirrors )
3. Boxes for entertainment center
4. Mediaplayer

but have to put a lot of work in this because i have no proper tools and my C5 looks like a crash-test-model anyway - but it is the only one in this area and people ask me about my selfmade "car"

hope i get a "like -new" sometime (wizh mirrors?)

posted on: 11/08/2013 17:52:00

Doc Holliday posted:

Hi there,

contacted the seller

new LCD screen on the way

posted on: 12/08/2013 13:31:52

Dan posted:

[quote=Doc Holliday;915][/quote]

Thanks for that I'll see if they deliver to the UK.

[quote=Doc Holliday;915]contacted the seller

new LCD screen on the way[/quote]

Cool, you'll be up and running soon
posted on: 12/08/2013 18:04:44

Doc Holliday posted:

package arrived today - thanks a lot Dan

now have to wait for the replacement LCD

and then . . . .
posted on: 14/08/2013 13:06:29

Dan posted:

[quote=Doc Holliday;925]package arrived today - thanks a lot Dan ThumpUp

now have to wait for the replacement LCD Bored

and then . . . . Drool [/quote]

Cool.  I've also posted out the tops and metal bits of the 2/3/4 pin pcb connectors.  I was meant to put them in your package but forgot to include them.  You should have them in the next few days.
posted on: 14/08/2013 19:56:41

Doc Holliday posted:

Hi Dan,
still waiting for the LCD Screen , but what makes me wonder:

looks like the postman takes your package for his own - nothing arrived here till today

posted on: 27/08/2013 16:53:59

Dan posted:

That's pretty poor service

I complained to an ebay seller last Tuesday about a broken LCD screen and I received a replacement by Saturday.  Was your off ebay?
posted on: 27/08/2013 17:30:25

Doc Holliday posted:

Hi Dan,
the tops and metal bits of the 2/3/4 pin pcb connectors arrived yesterday

and yes,
my Screen was off ebay - but i guess it came from china, maybe by ship, so it takes a few weeks, . . .

so have to ask the seller again, . . .

thanks Doc
posted on: 01/09/2013 06:15:53

Doc Holliday posted:

Hi Dan,
finally i get the X-Pod working!BigGrin

After my plaster cast removed i´m able to work on my C5 again!!!BigGrin BigGrin BigGrin

Had touble with my eyes (detachment of the retina) because of stress but could manage to solder the wires for the X-Pod Cool


is there a possibility to convert miles in km/h ?Confused

i changed it in the options but it stays at mph?Crying

merry X-mas

doc Boo hoo!
posted on: 25/12/2013 01:29:20

Dan posted:

Hi Doc,

Cool.  Looks like you've made a start getting it working and your screen looks good  I'm not sure when I sent it to you if it had he latest software as I know there were a few bugs with the options settings not saving

Are you able to connect the 2 arduinos to a PC and upload the latest software using the Arduino program?  I made full instructions and the files are here:

From your picture you need to connect up the current sensor, motor temp sensor and reed switch for the speed? Other than that looks good

Have a good xmas and new year
posted on: 26/12/2013 11:48:04

Doc Holliday posted:

Hi Dan ,
maybe I´m not able, . . .[blush]

I follwed the instructions and everything looks O.K.but finally get only errors when it´s going to the upload.

First error in controlbox upload:
"RTC_DS1307" does not name a type

first error in touchscreen uplöad:

"byte" does not name a type

So I deleted all program completly, cleaned the PC, start again and load everything new.
But the result is the same, . . .

then we tryed another Laptop, . . . but . . .same

Everything works on the X-Pod (date, time, temperature, current, speed, volts, pedelec mode, pincode, . . .) but only in mph! ](*,)

Don´t know, . . . a few years ago I owned a Chevy van also with "miles" and if i drive an british vehicle its maybe like this
(like left and right steering )

Anyway happy new year also (maye i have to live with it)

Thanks Doc
posted on: 26/12/2013 22:50:24

Dan posted:

Hi Doc,

The error you are getting looks like one of the arduino libraries is missing.  What I'll do is put my whole arduino folder (which has all the libraries included) up on the site and all you will have to do is download it, extract it from the zip and then run the Arduino.exe file.  Then follow the instructions on the link above to compile and upload the software to the ardinos.

It's about 90MB so will take some time to upload it to the server, I'll let you know when you can download it and also the link.

Don't worry mate it will work in metric
posted on: 27/12/2013 13:21:13

Dan posted:

Here's the download link Doc:

Like I said above, just unzip this and run the arduino exe program.
posted on: 27/12/2013 18:39:33

Doc Holliday posted:

Hi Dan,
did it as you told

a first start arudino wants to update from 1.0.1 to 1.0.5

but i didnt do that (because i thought this is maybe the problem - the first tree times i had the update installed)

following the instructions and came to the c-box-update - every goes fast and o.k. maybe a minute

BUT - then the touch-update: very slow [blush] (didt stop it maybe 10 - 15 min.)[blush]

hmmmmm i thought:-" :-" :-"

finally the message upload complete

O.K. so I connected the stuff and get the message: enter pin to unlock - put my pin in - enter pin to unlock - put my pin in - enter pin . . . .

[blush] [-o< [-( ](*,)

so there are options
i think first a try to reset the pin - dont know how (had a try on the reset button at both boards and upload again - but it is the same again) or clean the whole board if possible or maybe a new mega2560 ( you know the screen were allready damaged when I send it to you for testing, . . .

and i found a sd-card that is not in use - possible to just put it in the mega or have to solder something

posted on: 28/12/2013 03:25:00

Dan posted:

Hi Doc,

One test you can do is this.  When you turn it on, on the screen you should see White text on a black background that says X-POD V1.1.  Do you see that?  I suspect that it hasn't actually uploaded to the arduino mega.  It should take 30-45 seconds max.  This is what the start screen looks like (before the pin screen), apologies its a bit blurred:

I think the mega is fine, despite the screen that didn't work.  Can you try to attach the mega to your computer using a different USB socket (which will re-install its drivers).  When you do this ensure that the arduino software is closed.  Open the arduino software when the driver is installed.

It sounds like the control box software has uploaded correctly.  The problem is that if the screen has an older version of the software it may not work.  To reset the PIN (and other settings) remove the battery from the RTC module in the control box for a few seconds and put it back in.

If you're really struggling you can send both arduinos to me and I'll put the software on for you.
posted on: 28/12/2013 19:38:24

Dan posted:

Regarding using an SD card on the ardunio mega shield, it is possible but, some soldering is needed to fix a problem on the board.  I complained to the board manufacturer Sainsmart some time ago about this problem (4 connections are wired the wrong way around) and I still dont think they're fixed it.  I've explained what changes are needed here:

It will work without the SD card, the SD card stores information about your journey, things like speed, motor temp, current, battery voltage plus more to allow you to create charts if you like that sort of thing  If you know a bit of programming you can use it to store other things on it too
posted on: 28/12/2013 19:48:30

Doc Holliday posted:

Hi Dan,

Crisis solved

Pincode. Didn´t notice the battery - now it´s O.K.

the problem for the mega was windows 7

have to install the mega driver manually - looks like that win7 didnt load this automaticly

found it after long searching

this is the site whitch helped me (but its in german):

(they say it only affect the mega in w7)

finally now all features are working

it was a challenge, . . .

i assenble my pc´s since years myself (last was an lian li spider - love it like the C5) - but have no experience in programming [blush]

maybe when it is possible for future updates in x-pod:

Daytrip in the progamm

if it is possible: bluetooth to transmit data to laptop,. . .

what does smart drive on/off do? save data ?

anyway, . . .

thanks a lot Doc
posted on: 28/12/2013 23:32:33

Doc Holliday posted:


:-({|= and i see if i click the different fields and charts appear:-({|=
thats the smart drive i think, . . . .how long is one periot?

Thanks a lot
posted on: 29/12/2013 08:58:13

Dan posted:

Hey Doc,

That looks better. Regarding Smart Drive, that was an experimental mode I've not quite finished yet whereby it tries to save battery power by disabling the motor if your going over 15mph or lower if you're going down hill but you need extra sensors (accelerometer for gradient calculations) for it to work and I haven't finished it yet.

The graphs are always there.  To enable the pedelec mode you need to install another reed switch on the pedal crank and connect it to RD2 on the control box.  This will also enable the graphs that determine how much pedaling vs motor you do.

See this page for where to put the reed switch:

[QUOTE]how long is one periot?[/QUOTE]

Not sure what you mean?  If its to do with the speed, then this is a rough calculation and shouldn't be taken as approximate, the code that calculates speed may still need some work but its good enough for me
posted on: 29/12/2013 09:56:28

Doc Holliday posted:

Hi Dan,
i mean the periot of the graphs (temp, amps, speed) - it isnt important, just interest.

but you bring me to an idea:
at my different bicycles with different tyres im allways measuring the exact rolling circumference of the tyres i use under load
because its possible in the speedometers i use to programming the real rolling circumference - so i have my real speed and mileage it´s a tick i have (dont know if it is to much progrmming?)

i use schwalbe big apple (soft but a bit smaller) on my C5 and know (can see it) they have a smaller rolling circumference as city jet or original Sinclairs

so i have an lowered C5

but not as fast as original i think (fast enough for the husky and beagle)[blush]

and maybe a little comfortably & reflecting weel only my drumbrake let one die after 6 month of dayly use (didnt work really good - more like digital on/off brake)[blush]

but with chas disk brake mod i think its really good

do i have to start learning programming, . . .
too much ideas
posted on: 30/12/2013 01:02:46

Dan posted:

Good point Doc about having the tyre circumference as a setting to cater for smaller tyres.  I will have a look and see how it can be done.  I haven't made any changes to the xpod for a while, this will be a good addition to it

I was thinking about using blutooth on the xpod.  I've got a couple of blutooth transceiver modules coming from china that will work with the arduino so will have a play with them and see what we can use them for.  I might see about getting a gps module too, not sure what that would be used for, I dont' want to try to program a satnav into it as well

Is your c5 legal to use in Germany? Or do you have to keep it off the roads
posted on: 30/12/2013 18:09:45

dave posted:

Sat nav ? Aswell
posted on: 30/12/2013 21:26:43

Doc Holliday posted:

? legal ?
don´t ask, . . .
i´ve been stoped a few times (cops)[blush]
they asked what i´m driving and if i don´t need a licence plate, insurance, . . .
because i´m not a troublemaker and friendly to people who showing interest in the C5 , i was able to tell them that this is an oldtimer from england. and i have to pedaling but have electric support - thats no a lie

because the C5 is an exotic here (only one for a 100 miles i think) nobody knows anything about it - and i can tell what i want.:-"

but i will be very happy when i now just can put on the pedelec-mode in a situation like stopped by cops (because 250 w, max. 25 km/h, only electrical assist are legal but not an original C5!)](*,) good german laws](*,)

i know in britain you can build a motorbike like you want it or a kitcar, here you are half in jail then8-[

hope that no german cop found this forum - especially the recources/none english documents:-" (just put it in a secret, hidden archive )

but i think everybody can manage those situations - only (maybe) trouble when involved in an accident . had one situation where a scooter driver did´t recocnise me crossing the road at a traffic light (i had a green light). he was very close but nothing happens . but even when he would be to blame i maybe would get in touble

lets cruising - keep it to yourself
posted on: 31/12/2013 01:01:08

Dan posted:

Will do You'll have to post a pic of how you've mounted everything.
posted on: 03/01/2014 20:22:45

Doc Holliday posted:

work in progress
plan: making pic´s of everything i do (maybe an video all funktion working - is it possible to upload videos?)

posted on: 03/01/2014 20:45:11

dave posted:

Doc ar you karl g ?
posted on: 03/01/2014 21:20:21

Doc Holliday posted:

ehmm no [blush]

just a "bike.freak"" who loves everything with pedals (mtb-hardtail - dirtbike - -fully - single-speed - carbon-racer - C5)
all the car´s (had / have a lot (about 25 different types but) didt matter to me - i love human powered vehicles and also combinined with electric power

there are also planes with pedals, . . .

posted on: 03/01/2014 22:03:31

Dan posted:

[quote=Doc Holliday;2265] is it possible to upload videos?


Hi Doc,

Not directly.  You can either upload the video to youtube or vimeo and post the link here or you can email the video file and I'll put it on.
posted on: 04/01/2014 20:11:11

Doc Holliday posted:

[albumimg]84[/albumimg]START frame off restoration:

[albumimg]94[/albumimg]Wotan has to wait
[albumimg]95[/albumimg]loki too
the paint is a special one for Chassis, Axeles, Bridges, Oversea-containers and things like that, . . .

insinde it gets mike sanders grease, . . .
posted on: 02/02/2014 22:44:40

Doc Holliday posted:

Hi there,
as temperature rises and no rain i was able to work on my C5 !

Frame is cleaned and painted with special-sea-container paint (drying takes two month ), mike-sanders grease is filled in , disk brakes are mounted and now started the wirering but
then i made a mistake, . . . [blush]

everything works right at home so i started to mount it to the C5, . . .
indicators: working
hazard: working
horn: working
aux-light: working
motor temperature: working
fan: working

then i want to connect the lights, . . .

don´t really know what happend but now:

the left indicator has power at anytime (light on without flashing) when i turn the power for the "touch" on [blush]
no power anyway on the "light" connector at the board (light goes on if i put the cables to the left indicator connector) [blush]
if i switch to hazard the left indicator flashes opposite to the right one ( left-right-left-right-left, . . . . and stays lighty on all the time (brighter-darker-brighter-darker, . . .)

all the other parts work like they are made for, . . .

because i´m a dummy for electronic i was very proud that everything works (at home )

hope that Dan have an idea, . . .
didnt know really were to look and what to do (hope it´s only a small part and easy to do, . . .

your crying Doc
posted on: 01/06/2014 17:52:42

Dan posted:

Hi Doc,

Did you change the wiring? IE plugged the front/back lights into the left indicator and the left indicator into the front/back light connector?  Is it possible to post a picture of the board with the wires connected and maybe a video?


posted on: 02/06/2014 13:00:13

Doc Holliday posted:

Hi Dan,
I plugged everything were it should be.
I didnt chance the wireing as it should be.
But after I plugged the front/back light connector it happend .
I think its ma fault because I didnt solder the wirering for the front/back lights perfect.
I take a magnifying glass to look at the plug and cant exclude a shortcut ( I suffer from a detached retina since about nearly two years - so it seems I´m not really able to do soldering connectors , plugs, . . . - I have ordered a Set of cables with plugs allready soldered on so I have only to cut and connect them. Maybe the only easy way for me, . . .)

After I examine some other plugs I´m sure it´s the best way to go for me

Power on : left indicator light goes on (all the time) - not blinking!
warning blinker on : not syncrone (left-right-left-right-left, . .) with left indicator goes high beam-low beam-high beam, . . . "stays on higher and lower all the time" - the right indicator goes on and off like it should be.
front/back lights : did´t work anyway - no power (but I can start and stop it on the touchsreen).
I´ve not allready connected all parts (because i stopped at this point, . . .) but I can drive allready and wait for the soldered cables ( but without light or correct working indicators )!

Thanks a lot

I´ll will have a try for a video and make some more pictures, . .
posted on: 02/06/2014 19:59:09

Jonatan posted:

Hi Doc,
Im sorry but i cant help with your situation. Where in germany are you situated? Im building the Touchscreen because of the same reason as you are! Stupid pedelec laws here in germany prevent us from having fun :) If your close to me (Hessen?) we might be able to take a look together and maybe find a solution :)))

posted on: 02/06/2014 21:12:33

Doc Holliday posted:

Hi Jonatan,
thanks a lot for your offer !
But . . .

One way to your place: ca. 450 km ( 280 miles )

Not really around the corner, . . .

So have to find some other way to get it fixed.

But thanks a lot anyway - maybe we should have a C5-meeting here in germany in the future (maybe a BIG battery pack needed )

posted on: 03/06/2014 09:47:39

Dan posted:

Hi Doc,

Thanks for the board I received it today.  I've run tests on the individual mosfets and it seems TR1 which handles the left indicator was bad so I've replaced it.  I noticed the pins on OUT3 are quite bent, is it possible that when you connected the front/rear lights to this that the pins didn't actually fit into the socket but instead were bent forwards? I know it can be tight when connecting the wires whilst its mounted on the c5  The same goes for the right indicator switch input pin, that was bent too. You just need to be careful not to bend the pins.  The connectors should fit into the sockets without much force needed.  I shall try to straighten the pins out.

Do you know if you were running on the latest version of the firmware?  The screen would show V1.1 if you were?  If not, you will need to download V1.1 from the download page and upload it to your screen arduino.

Can you also advise what current sensor you use with it. Was it the 150amp uni board? Its so I can set the correct values in the control box arduino before returning the board to you so you see the correct current readings on the screen.


posted on: 06/06/2014 17:44:16

Doc Holliday posted:

Hi Dan,
finally I got the wires to connect without soldering myself

Yes, the sceen shows V1.1 and I use a 150amp uni board!

The C5 is running now without touch like last year but with light and horn.

on the pictures:
(up to down)

Touchscreen X-Pod 12V (not working yet)

speaker Hama Sonic 400 (12V):-({|=

Mediaplayer and Navi GALAXY S WiFi 4.2

Switch for media

12V connector

Switch for 12V connector

"Ignition" Switch (for complete system)

Have to test now how long/far the 60A LiFePo4 (winston) will last (I´ve cutted off the lit and mounted 4 BMS on top and made a new lit out of acylicglas to see if the bms are working)







Thanks a lot

posted on: 23/06/2014 22:08:41


Looking great well done
Bye Chas
posted on: 24/06/2014 07:23:39

Dan posted:

Great work Doc.
posted on: 27/06/2014 19:21:12