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The items below are some of the best items for the C5 that we have found around the web. We love C5's and want everyone who own's one to be able to maintain theirs at the lowest possible cost. So, if you spot an item not listed here that is compatible with the C5 or find an item already listed that's cheaper elsewhere then email us and I'll get the list updated.

You can also check the C5 Owners Facebook Group page where there may be others who can help out.

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Lotus C5 prototype by John Dunne It's a common misconception that Lotus only involvement in the C5 develop was the Y frame chassis, however as detailed in the Lotus World Magazine March 1985 & also in both of Barrie Will books who was the Managing Director of Sinclair Vehicle, Lotus developed, designed & build the C5 prototypes.
Lotus C5 prototype by John Dunne
posted on: 24/05/2020
Simplified Relay Controls This article by John Wilson shows how to re-wire a C5 with the original 12V motor.
Simplified Relay Controls
posted on: 27/04/2016
Control Clerk Training Notes Here are some rare C5 training notes from Hoover desgned for call centre staff and engineers.
Control Clerk Training Notes
posted on: 22/03/2016
Offroad Prototypes by Brian McCool For years there had been rumors about the Off Road C5's. Has anybody seen one?
Offroad Prototypes by Brian McCool
posted on: 10/03/2016