Motor Cooling Fan Connector - 80/90mm - Sinclair C5 3D Printing

For those people with 12V C5's where the motor needs some extra cooling. Normally you would bend some meccano into shape and cable tie it to the motor like this:

The Meccano/Cable Tie Solution

Here is a solution that doesn't involve any cable ties. This adapter simply clips firmly onto the motor and the 80mm/90mm cooling fan is bolted to the end.

Motor Cooling Fan Connector in Design Mode

Here it is printed out and ready to fit, an 80mm or 90mm fan can be bolted onto the end of the connector:

Motor Cooling Fan Connector 1

It fits perfectly onto the end of the motor, it won't come off. The long clips hook onto the Black/Red power inputs to the motor.

Motor Cooling Fan Connector 4

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