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Janhein posted:

This afternoon while working on my C5 I connected the battery the wrong way.

I was planning to replace the Lead battery with a 3S LIPO on 11.5 volts and wanted to be able to hook up more than one battery to my C5.
using this board

with two of these boards i can use A total of 12 packs giving me 60 Ah total power with a weight of just 5 kilo.

Everything worked fine on the workbench, but I went wrong when connecting it to my C5 mixed up to connection plugs and then the lights went of.

I took the pod out and opened it up and it smelled burned.

Can any one help out what I need to replace.

posted on: 15/11/2013 16:11:16

Dan posted:

Ah, sorry to hear  Another member did the same thing a couple of weeks ago here:

I fixed his control box for him, the only components that were damaged was the +5V regulator and resistor R1.  If you're okay with a soldering iron it should be easy to replace them.  Let us know if you need help fixing it.

On another note I posted your cooling fan adapter out to you today
posted on: 15/11/2013 17:42:28

dave posted:

Hope its not that bad I hate it when things go bang or stop working
posted on: 15/11/2013 19:25:21

C5mick posted:

Is it a cooling fan or a fire extinguisher that is required ?
posted on: 15/11/2013 19:47:36

Janhein posted:

It looks like I need to heat up my soldering iron. I found one smoked resistor in the pod. the traces on the print board look ok. and it smells very bad.

I did not open the controlbox yet.

posted on: 16/11/2013 08:01:52