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Pinski1 posted:


I'm looking to refurbish a Sinclair C5 with a whole new chassis and power train. To this end I'm looking for a Sinclair C5 that has a very poor/rusty chassis so I can take detailed measurements and then bin. I'm also planning to completely redesign the power train to take advantages in the advances in BLDC motors and so do not require the control box, battery or motor. I'd like the main plastics, body, floor pan and boot however these can be a bit roughed up as I'm happy to clean them up myself.


posted on: 29/01/2016 17:24:50

BrianC5 posted:

I would check with Dave Lally, Charles Snarski or Paul Grice on Facebook. Also Ray Ives has 6 he is interested in selling. I think the 6 Ray has are all in good condition though. May not be what you are after.
posted on: 29/01/2016 21:51:42

Pinski1 posted:

Thanks! I'll try and contact them!

I forgot to mention I'm based in Cambridge and don't actually own a van or a car, so ideally I'd love to get one local-ish however I can just hire a van and come and pick it up.

posted on: 29/01/2016 22:06:17