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T7pjj posted:

Hi all. Just signed up after purchasing a C5 locally. I'm in N.Ireland. The C5 was off the road or years and bought untested. I've always wanted one so took a chance because they can be hard to find locally. After a good clean and fitting a battery I was impressed to see everything down to the bulbs and brakes all worked perfectly!

So far so good, I will now get some wing mirrors, visibility pole and indicators as well as upgrade to hold and run of two batteries (got Halfords 038 car battery).

So just posting here to say hello and if there are any other N.Ireland owners clubs etc please get in touch.

One last thing would be, has anyone experience in wrapping a c5, I will not paint it but would like a brushed metal finish on it if possible but not sure it will adhere to the body.

posted on: 21/11/2015 21:47:22