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BDLC posted:

Hello there,

I've always wanted a C5 so recently I bought a cheap one the was supposed to be a runner before the battery died.

The plan is to upgrade with a BLDC 1500W motor.

A bluetooth controller

Powered by a Lifepo4 48V 30Ah.

Upgrade throttle controls to include a reverse and cruise.

Not forgetting to upgrade the brakes. I believe there is a kit available on here, I still have to find it.

I'm still finding my way around. I've never done anything similar so any advice would greatly appreciated.

Any C5 lovers in the Netherlands/Randstad?
posted on: 09/10/2015 09:46:15


Hi there Roger you can check out my mod son the post Restoting a C5 with a 8 speed hub
Bye Chas
posted on: 09/10/2015 15:04:40


Hi Roger just check out the last post on the site ...

Bye Chas ps on page one ....
posted on: 09/10/2015 15:43:49

Dan posted:

Hi and welcome to the forum BDLC. Looking ofrward to seeing your C5 with all its upgrades
posted on: 10/10/2015 14:31:41

BDLC posted:

Bluetooth controller ordered. It will be on a slow boat from China so will take over a month to arrive.

posted on: 12/10/2015 09:02:50

BDLC posted:

Controller has arrive but plans have been delayed due to lack of funds. Don't you just hate it when that happens.

In the meantime, may I ask for some advice?

I'd like to mount the motor as shown in the the following video.
My questions are - The motor I'm thinking of using is this BLDC-108 1500W.
The drive shaft is 12mm in dia hand has a 4mm key. If I also want a 11/44 ratio where can I find a front and rear socket that would fit mount both the drive shaft and axle respectively? Welding the rear axle can be tricky I believe.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
posted on: 26/11/2015 00:37:09