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donkeyspank posted:

Finally had a chance to open up the control box in an effort to work out why my C5 had stopped running. I suspected frozen brushes so intended to connect the wires directly to the battery but when I opened the control box I found what appears to be a burnt out brown/positive wire.

This seems to have also affected the PCB too.

Any ideas of this looks salvageable? I've attached a few pics.

If so, any tips would be appreciated! If not,any ideas where I might go about finding a replacement PCB or control box (other than the obvious eBay etc)

Edit: I've connected the battery to the quick release camps and when I press the "go" micro switch I hear a definite loud click at the control box. So it appears the power is getting to the control box and the relay is trying to kick in. So control box may be functioning after all. Help!

Edit again: connected the battery directly to the motor and it runs fine.

Edit yet again: after the motor kicked into life, I unplugged most of the other pin connectors, blew on them a bit and reconnected. I hooked up the battery to the quick release terminals and took a deep breath.... It worked! Pod lit up, motor kicked in, wheels spun! Over the moon - kids have been on it ever since (shame we were starting to lose the light!). Now looking forward to taking the old fella out for a proper spin really soon!

Quick vid:

Thanks guys
(No longer slightly saddened )
posted on: 04/10/2015 16:25:54

C5mick posted:

Hi Spank ?
If you have any further problems with your control box then let me know.
I offer repairs repairs to control box and also stock all the individual components.
Email [email protected]
posted on: 11/10/2015 08:26:17


Well done great .
posted on: 11/10/2015 21:42:00