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PhasMan posted:

After a long delay in transporting my C5's (broken wrist halted proceedings) I finally took delivery of my C5's.

The silver one - my profile pic - was supposed to be in show condition.
Instead it's tatty with scratches and cosmetic damage. Has been stored in a filthy shed unused since the pic what taken.
I am very very disappointed. Good job I didn't pay show condition price.

The black one was described as spares/repairs so I have enough to use as a 2nd project as long as the parts in the box are good.

All in all I'm disappointed - but at least I will have to learn a lot about renovating which is a good skill to learn.

So - first job on the silver one is fix lights, mirrors etc and take it for a drive.

posted on: 17/09/2015 10:07:00


Looks like you have some work ahead of you
All the best Chas
If you need any help just ask any time PS I have just started a restoration my self on a 8 speed hub
posted on: 17/09/2015 10:16:47

PhasMan posted:

After a lot of messing around it looks like there is a lot more work to do than I first thought.
I think the electrics are dodgy and the gears or drive cog needs attention as the motor just makes a sound like slipping cogs.
Peddles and chain etc seems ok.
Brakes working but needs improving.
Battery cover key mechanism stiff and doesn't always hold.

Gonna take me quite a long time now the winters approaching with no garage or workshop.

All of a sudden my thoughts are wondering if someone could fix/service for me lol
posted on: 23/09/2015 12:06:28

Karl posted:


I don't know if he has time at the moment, bur Chas is the man to contact.
posted on: 24/09/2015 06:55:31