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ChrisMcGee posted:

Greetings C5ers!

My name is Chris and I'm a director at The Digital Media Factory. We are trying to track down the UK Jet C5 for a broadcast documentary on Sir Clive.

I got as far as a Mr Martin Fillery, but the trail has gone cold.

Does anyone have any info on this cool project?

posted on: 07/09/2015 14:21:43

Doc Holliday posted:

Hi Chris,
like this ?:

Maybe it helps

posted on: 07/09/2015 17:21:34

ChrisMcGee posted:

Yup, thats' exactly what we are searching for, unfortunately these are the previous owner we are already talking to, but they sold it on.

Thanks very much for your reply in any case.


posted on: 07/09/2015 19:49:37

Dan posted:

Have posted this requested on facebook, it seems it may be in France. The c5 alive crew have one they're trying to get working:
  • Neil Brooks We have a jet engine c5 just does not fire up at the moment. If this is of any help. Not sure if this what he looking for.
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  • Edward Green The UK jet was sold about 3/4 years ago for £3000 and went over to someone in France I believe. Hopefully they can find it
posted on: 07/09/2015 19:51:40

ChrisMcGee posted:

Thanks very much guys, for the docu we are looking to 'race' a working model against - well something it will easily trash - should be exellent and fun fotage.

Any more news wil be very much welcomed! As for the project, keep us in the loop, it could also be interesting from a different angle. Do you have a contact for that?

posted on: 07/09/2015 19:57:37