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AndyH posted:

Hi Everyone,

I finally bought a C5 after wanting once since they were launched back in 1985! Mine is a barn find and has never been used so I was gutted when I fitted a new battery and, whilst the front & rear lights worked, there is no life in the pod or motor :(

I have cleaned all the contacts but thats as far as my technical ability gets. If anyone can advise on what I should check next it would be very much appreciated as I'd love to get it running again.

posted on: 29/08/2015 19:54:34


Hi Andy first of all check if the motor runs by connecting it directly to a battery ,but make sure that the wheels are off the ground first ...

Bye Chas
posted on: 29/08/2015 22:09:54

AndyH posted:

Hey Chas, thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

So I tried that and initially it was dead, but wiggling the contacts on the motor brought it back to life so the motor seems fine. I then tried connecting the battery directly to the original keyswitch to make sure the contacts weren't a problem at that end (observing correct polarity so as not to blow it up) but still no pod lights and no motor action when I press the handlebar switch ... any ideas what to check next would be much appreciated.

Thanks again.
posted on: 30/08/2015 13:21:21