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PhasMan posted:


As a newbie and not versed in electrics or mechanics I have been swatting up on potential parts and upgrades for a C5.

I have been looking at Golf Trollies, Karts, scooters etc for ideas of electric compatibility with a view of swapping out the motor, batteries and controller on a C5.

Most of this has been based on the idea of a 500W motor (designed for a Kart) and then trying to find suitable batteries and controller.
I expect there may be a multitude of reasons this might not work on a C5 but in doing so I may learn more about whats possible and whats not.

The motor I'm looking at is;
500W Motor

The Batteries are 2 of these;

The controller is this (possibly my most naive choice)

I'd be interested in your thoughts :-)

posted on: 16/08/2015 23:15:02

Karl posted:


seeing as my middle name is Killjoy I think I'll jump in and answer some of your quies.


Looks like a reasonable price, BUT have you looked at the shipping cost. I don't know about the UK, but in Germany shipping costs are included when calculating the import duty.

For this type of motor you need a #25 chain (¼" links, C5 chain has ½" links), so you will also need a special drive cog, because you have no gearbox it must be large. Question is do you have the necessary mechanical knowledge, or know someone who can help you to calculate the final drive cog size?

Alibaba would be a better source for this type of motor, plus a geared version with a ½" drive cog would be more suitable.


This looks like a very reasonable price.


I'm a bit s sceptical when it comes to equipment from Chinese companies, I've repaired and stripped a lot of their junk, plus there's a lot of reports in the IN of controllers just not being up to the job.

There is a UK company called 4QD that sell controllers, but I have no experience with this or any other company selling controllers.


You will also need a throttle controller, twist grip or thumb lever. Quite a few people also change the brake levers for those fitted with a motor cutout switch.

There are bound to be other outstanding matters, but at the moment that's all from me.

Av phun.


posted on: 17/08/2015 19:17:19

PhasMan posted:

Thanks Karl

Thats a lot of quality suggestions there. I will check out those as if I can do this without changing chains and cogs that would be great.

I'll report back :-)
posted on: 17/08/2015 20:52:34

PhasMan posted:

Crumbs :-/

The choices on Alibaba are vast! There is no way to segregate the wanted from the unwanted - I'm very confused and in need of lots of motor learning.
If you have any spare browsing time Karl, I'd appreciate a choice or two from that website based on my requirements.

No worries if you can't of course.


posted on: 18/08/2015 19:18:13

Karl posted:

Sorry Blue, I'm up to my neck in work plus BIG problems, both C5 and other, to solve.

Just a quick tip, with alibaba it pays to look at the minimum order section first then you look at the specs. Nothing worse than finding just what you want only to discover that there's a minimum order of 500 or so pieces.


posted on: 19/08/2015 19:57:28

PhasMan posted:

Thanks Karl, no worries :-)
posted on: 19/08/2015 20:53:37

PhasMan posted:

Just a thought - until I see the right motor on Alibaba - I'm also looking in other places to get an idea of whats out there.

Wanting a little more power and I don't want the brushes burning out on the C5 motor - would a motor somewhat higher in wattage and voltage but have a slightly lower gear ratio work?
Only I saw a motor of 350W 24V producing 1.11 torque but having a gear ratio of 9.78:1 9 1/2" teeth as opposed to the C5's gear ratio of 13:1.

There is a motor in question :

I know it's fleabay but a search elsewhere seems to usually head back here.

They may have a motor available with various gear ratios and teeth that closer matches the C5.

Am I barking up the wrong tree or is this the right direction?


posted on: 19/08/2015 21:46:25

Karl posted:


I get the impression that you are leaving your house by the front door then taking a round tour of Britain to get to your back door.

You want a 500W motor, if you pump 24v into a C5 motor you have in effect 500W, a bit less due to loses. I don't know the exact figure, but I suspect that about 25% of the C5 owners have done this mod, and when correctly kitted out they have no problems. If you fit a ventilator and one of Dan's vent shrouds plus a thermal cutout you should have no problems.

No wasted time in alibaba.
No calculating gearbox ratios.
No modification or welding to the chassis to fit a non standard motor.
No cursing and swearing because the gear ratio isn't correct.
No great knowledge of mechanics or electronics needed.
AND the advantage of saving a lot of cash.\:d/

You could run it the same way as a C5 with blipping the button, or go for a good controller and throttle.

Think before you jump.

P.S. Going to 24v also causes a problem with your 12v lighting, turn indicators etc, unless you go for a dual voltage system by tapping off between the batteries.
posted on: 21/08/2015 18:54:35

PhasMan posted:

Good point.
But from what I've read there is little gain and a hot motor.
Would it be so bad to be ambitious?
Perhaps I'm trying to run before I walk but I'm a quick learner and with correct advice I can follow instruction.

I have been lucky enough to secure a C5 with a few minor defects for £130 so perhaps I could just do the 24v upgrade with the current motor for now and plan something else for the other in time as I learn.

Thanks for the advise.

I'll have another read of all the 24v threads again :-)
posted on: 21/08/2015 22:02:39