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Dan posted:

Sinclair C5 Gearbox Spares - Job Lot For Sale

Just landed on ebay now:

1x Metal gearbox insert - never used condition
1x Plastic insert - great condition. This is the slightly longer version that will take the wider belts
1x Plastic insert - okay condition. This has some wear on the tip of 3 of the teeth, but will work great as a spare
1x Brown housing - great condition, no wear on the teeth
1x Brown housing - okay condition. This has wear on 4 of the teeth. 1 of the teeth is badly worn, but it should work okay as an emergency spare
1x White housing - great condition, no wear on the teeth
3x Small cogs - great condition, no wear on any of their teeth
1x bearing. Looks alright

posted on: 11/07/2015 08:42:51

Dan posted:

These are now sold
posted on: 11/07/2015 10:05:10