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donkeyspank posted:

Hi all, I've owned "Clive" my C5 for around 7 years now but it's been in storage for the last 3-4 years.

Just got it back out this weekend and took a few pics.

It needed a bit of TLC so I spent a little time cleaning it up, bought a new battery, pumped up the tyres etc.

Unfortunately the motor's not engaging when I press the "go" switch (I can hear the motor clicking but that's about it). Not sure if this is a problem with the control box or the pod (suspect it's the control box) as the pod doesn't light up either.

Anyway, I'll post in the "Repairs" section of the forum, hopefully somebody can help breathe life back into it!

The kids still loved playing in it just using the pedals alone, but I know they'd REALLY love it if the motor worked again! lol

posted on: 29/06/2015 15:15:08

Area51 posted:

Hi the motor will work again no need to panic
You could start with connecting the motor
Direct across the battery if it runs ok
Then try cleaning up the contacts of the plug and pins
On the back of the pod and where they connect in the control box
(Red lead) they may just be corroded
posted on: 29/06/2015 18:11:42


Hi I think the brushers are stuck in there tubes .you may find this out if you connect the motor direct to a battery if it still refuses to start it could be a sign that the brushers are stuck .What you need to do is to spray a little WD 40 down the tubes then try and ease the brushers up and down by pulling on the copper braiding wire but be carful as the copper braiding wire could come off .Some owners say you could tap the motor ok it may work but it could also loosen the magnets then that's it .(new motor required )
Bye Chas
posted on: 30/06/2015 07:19:51

Karl posted:


would have posted before, but I've been flat on my back for the last week.

Anyway, welcome to the forum, and hope all goes well.

I think you'll find that Chas has hit the nail on the head. Sticky brushes are a common problem with C5s that have stood around a couple of years.

Av Phun.

posted on: 02/07/2015 20:46:59

donkeyspank posted:

Thanks for the replies, really appreciate it. I'm going to connect the motor directly to the battery terminals this weekend. Before I electrocute myself, is there any particular way to connect it, or is it as straightforward as touching the red wire to + and black to - on the battery terminals??

My pod LEDs don't light up either, so I'm not sure if there's another issue at play here. I'll try to get the motor running first and see what happens!

Thanks again, I'll report back!
posted on: 03/07/2015 09:37:12


Hi a you said red to + black to --
Regarding the pod before you do anything check the motor as you said then if it goes the reconect it to the control box and and see if runs but make sure the drive wheel is of the ground
Let us know how get on
Bye Chas
posted on: 03/07/2015 11:33:41

donkeyspank posted:

Thanks for all your help guys. I posted a more detailed update in the "Repairs and Tips" section but just wanted to say after a bit of tinkering the CliveC5 is back up and running again! Shame it's taken all summer, but I'll be making the most of the remaining Autumn weather to take him out for a spin soon!
posted on: 04/10/2015 19:06:08