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Dan posted:

For anyone who wants to BETA test the nylon 3D printed gearbox cogs, they can be ordered directly from Shapeways (based in The Netherlands) for €4.95 each:…/RE3TY4FAQ/sinclair-c5-small-cog.

Shapeways will print the cog in strong nylon plastic using industrial quality (laser sintering) 3D printers. I have a set in my gearbox and they work great and are very strong.

Myself/ is not making any money out of these, the cost above is for Shapeways to print them.

I'll be putting a couple of sets on the forum in the coming weeks FOC for members to test as well.

Remember, this is a BETA test, so any feedback good or bad please post here or on the forum.

posted on: 07/05/2015 19:27:04

evad1st posted:

Just received them :-) I'll will reply again with my experiences.
posted on: 21/09/2015 16:11:53

Dan posted:

Great stuff, will be interesting to see how you go.
posted on: 21/09/2015 17:21:16

evad1st posted:

Still going strong! However only did 50 KM with them though :-)
posted on: 31/01/2016 21:24:36

Cjsutcliffe posted:

Dan I want to try printing the gears in Titanium. If you want a set send me some cad and I'll rustle you up a set.
posted on: 20/02/2016 13:34:19