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Trogman5 posted:

Hi, at long last after 30 years I have bought my first C5 - just love it - always wanted one. I am based in Littlehampton on the South Coast so just going for a ride along the beach........ Steve
posted on: 16/04/2015 18:19:47

Dan posted:

Hi and Welcome to the website Taking the C5 to beach is always a great thing to do this time of year, theres a bunch of us that take the C5's to Bournemouth beach for a ride, great fun
posted on: 16/04/2015 18:28:33

Karl posted:


and welcome to the crazy C5 forum.

Beaches and C5s, do they mix. Seems like you come to the right place.

I can just about hear the rust from here.

Av phun.

posted on: 16/04/2015 22:40:30

dave posted:

Maybe u could take area with you on the beach ?
posted on: 03/05/2015 20:30:00

Area51 posted:

Lol Dave no problem
posted on: 03/05/2015 20:41:42