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leylandmonster posted:

Hi everyone,

It's bugging me so i may aswell ask on here. are C5's supposed to be able to push backwards like a pedal bike or are they not. some of my C5's do and some don't and just resistively tick instead. its bugging me so any pointers in the direction would he helpful. #-o

Many thanks,

posted on: 30/03/2015 20:04:42

Markus_H posted:

C5´s have a freewheel at the rear axle
so you shouldn´t be able to brake or ride backwards using the pedals.
You can pedal backwards without resistance.

posted on: 30/03/2015 20:24:24

leylandmonster posted:

So am I supposed to be able to get off and push it backwards or not?

Sorry I'm just confused and getting given mixed information
posted on: 30/03/2015 20:26:56


Hi there you can push the C5 backwards but only slow as you could damage the electronics .The only time I push it back is when I need to turn round and there is lack of space to drive it round ...Ps I have never had a problem with pushing it back ...for the last 10 years
Chas PS it just like a bike if you push it back the peddles will go round with you
posted on: 31/03/2015 07:37:12

Karl posted:


as Chas pointed out the C5 can be push backwards, but only slowly. The reason for this is when pushed back the motor drive is driven, not as a motor but as a generator. This produces a voltage, but with reveresed polarity. The nett result is is the same as connecting the battery the wrong way round, and bingo the electronics are damaged.

In my opinion a lot of C5s have been damaged this way, though the lack of knowledge. Maybe it would be a good idea to inform all new members of this fact, or place a message in the forum list that can't be overseen.
posted on: 31/03/2015 12:03:41