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Markus_H posted:

Hi there.

When the C5 was introduced I was 13 years old. I first heard about it at the age of 15.
I wanted one, asked my Parents and they said: "Maybe in your next life"

Yesterday i proved them wrong. I bought a C5.
It is in fairly good Condition, partly stripped.
The Motor is not working and the other electrical parts are not tested.
As i don´t need them i don´t care that much.
My plan is to slightly restore the mechanical Parts and convert it to meet the German
Pedelec regulations so all electrical Parts will be replaced with modern Pedelec Stuff.
Wether i use a front Wheel Motor, a Bottom Bracket Motor or a BLDC at the original Motor position will have to be decided. Not sure yet.

Thats it so far. Just need to add him or her to the Register.


posted on: 25/03/2015 07:49:27


Hi there welcome to the forum all the help you will need is on here just ask
Bye Chas
PS photos would be great .....
posted on: 25/03/2015 08:16:43

Dan posted:

Hi and welcome to the website! Looking forward to seeing your progress on this one
posted on: 25/03/2015 08:45:56

Karl posted:

Hi Markus,

welcome to the forum. Keep us informed concering your progress, as I am also in the middle of converting my one of my C5s to meet the Pedelec specs. I'm trying to retain as much of the original conrol system as possible, but it's taking it's time. I will at some time convert a second one using a front wheel hub motor, again to pedelec specs.

Av phun.


P.S. Where are you located?
posted on: 25/03/2015 11:32:02

Markus_H posted:

Hi everybody,

back home i can share a Photo or two.

There she is with pretty much all the parts she came with.
As you can see i like small Vehicles.

Karl, i live in Ostwestfalen near Münster.

[img=]My C5[/img]

[img=]My C5[/img]

posted on: 25/03/2015 14:38:14


Hi there great just one thing I am interested in what type of gearbox have you got on the end on the motor

Bye Chas
posted on: 25/03/2015 16:58:01

Karl posted:

Hi Chas,

I was wondering about that as well. The bearings and end caps for the bottom bracket appear to be missing as well.
posted on: 25/03/2015 18:49:53

Markus_H posted:

Nope, "missing" bottom Bracket parts were taking a bath in WD40 when i took the Photo.

As for the Motor,
well, i honestly don´t know and couldn´t get infomation about modifications that may have done in the past. The Guy from whom i bought the C5 got it as it is.
I rasied an eyebrow when i saw that this isn´t a stock motor.
The Cap is machined Aluminum.
I will take it apart tomorrow and see what i have there. With Photos of course.
posted on: 25/03/2015 18:59:52


Hi that will be great thanks Chas
posted on: 25/03/2015 22:10:28

Markus_H posted:

As i took the Photos, Mr. DHL gave me a brown Box. Nice.


The Photos of the Motor are in a new Thread:

posted on: 26/03/2015 12:31:17

Karl posted:

Hi Markus,

They look like a good alternative. What was the asking price if you don't mind me asking?

I managed to grab the last stock of 4 16" City Jets from a Czech company a couple of days ago, plus they were very cheap, but I can't find a supplier in Germany for the 12"ers.

Cheers. Karl.
posted on: 26/03/2015 13:37:59

Markus_H posted:

I got them from bikemailorder.

They were
8,90€ for the 12" and
13,90€ for the 16"
36,70€ for the Set of Three.

Here´s the Link:
posted on: 26/03/2015 14:25:05

Karl posted:

Hi Markus,

many thanks for the info, I'll keep it noted.

Cheers. Karl
posted on: 26/03/2015 16:01:46

dave posted:

Hi and welcome
posted on: 26/03/2015 23:05:05