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dave posted:

How many c5ers live up north ?
posted on: 22/06/2013 11:41:08

Guest posted:

You know me Dave
posted on: 22/06/2013 19:19:18

dave posted:

Yip thanks y your mi **** lol.
posted on: 22/06/2013 19:39:39

dave posted:

Fezza rs 3 any more ?
posted on: 31/07/2013 21:48:16

John_E_76 posted:

I live up in the rainy half, although originally from Essex
posted on: 06/09/2013 14:39:28

semach.the.monkey posted:

Depends on your definition of 'up north'. I'm originally from Essex too, so to me, so when I moved up to Nottingham I considered it as up north. But to north northerners, Nottingham seems to be considered as down south.

YMMV :-)

posted on: 06/09/2013 16:08:19


Hi I live in Ilkeston 7 miles from Nottingham
posted on: 06/09/2013 17:59:10

dave posted:

I'm in hull but from wigan
posted on: 07/09/2013 17:59:38