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Ray1 posted:

I 'thought' I had seen a posting somewhere, has anybody a suggestion for the best colour match spray paint for the body please?
posted on: 31/01/2015 23:21:12

Karl posted:

Hi Ray,

info gleaned from places other:
I gave it a good clean then painted it with a plastic paint called plasti dip! It's a white matt paint especially for plastic.its available from eBay
It's £25 for a small tin and apply it using a foam roller so you don't see brush marks.
Mine still looks like new
Hope this is of some help to you.
posted on: 01/02/2015 10:07:05

Ray1 posted:

Many thanks, helpful as ever. I searched all places with all key words I could think of, but not plasti dip.
posted on: 01/02/2015 15:45:33

rusala posted:

I'm not sure what words should I use to explain this in english but I think you could try a standard car paint just first use a primer for plastics or a standard primer with a "plasticizer" added. Then you can match the colour precisely in any car paints store (where they mix paints together to get any colour you want). If for some reason you wouldn't use the matt acrylic paint but a system with base (colour) and clear coating then you should add this plasticizer also to the clear coat. They should be able to mix everything and give it to you in a standard spray can. At least it's not a problem for my cousin who runs such store :)
posted on: 04/02/2015 22:38:18