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GreenFleet posted:

Hi C5 Owners!

Would anyone from Scotland or the North East be interested in showcasing their c5 at a low-emission, electric and hydrogen event coming up in April?

At GreenFleet we organise an event called GreenFleet Scotland & EVOLUTION Scotland which is held on the 10th & 11th of April

Here is an overview of the EVOLUTION event:

“THE EVOLUTION MOTORSHOW will showcase the very latest in vehicles and technology that can help motorist save hundreds every year on fuel. EVOLUTION gives customers the chance to experience and drive low carbon, hybrid or electric cars, there will be around 70 different makes and models to see. These vehicles are not the future, they are the NOW! And even better, most of them are available for customers to test drive. THE EVOLUTION MOTORSHOW is FREE to attend, thanks to our partners, Transport Scotland, Scottish Enterprise and Energy Saving Trust, Scotland.”

Website can be found here:

This year we hope to create a timeline of electric vehicles and show the development through the years and if a member of yours does have a c5 that would be available we would love for them to come to the event and be able to showcase it.

Feel free to contact me on [email protected] or 07897348611 if you are interested.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Dan Lee

posted on: 30/01/2015 10:16:03


Hi there it sounds a great idea but for me it's to far away but all the best and if you can post some photos of the show later that would be great
All the best Chas
posted on: 30/01/2015 12:51:07

GreenFleet posted:

Hi Chas

Thanks for getting in touch, it's a shame you can't make it... Hopefully someone else will be able to showcase!

I will post a link to the photos on our website after the show.

Many thanks

posted on: 30/01/2015 12:54:36


Ok Thanks I Will be looking forward to seeing the photos
Bye Chas
posted on: 30/01/2015 12:58:28