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Carl Gordon posted:

Hi all, does anyone know where I can get the motor brushes from?
posted on: 22/01/2015 20:54:38

Ray1 posted:

Click on the 'Shop' button at the top of the page.
posted on: 23/01/2015 12:16:00


Hi I think you will find that they will not work as they should
posted on: 23/01/2015 14:03:35

Carl Gordon posted:

Ok thanks, any ideas where I can get some that do?
posted on: 23/01/2015 14:07:39

Dan posted:

Hi Chas, I'll remove them from the shop page if you think they don't work. I think it was Dave who tried them
posted on: 23/01/2015 14:46:19

Karl posted:

Hi Dan,

this subject came up a couple of months ago see these posts:

Ray and Dave seem to be happy with them. I would also like to find out for certain if they are suitable.
posted on: 23/01/2015 15:06:22

Dan posted:

Thanks Karl, they seem to work for some people. I shall leave them on the shop page then
posted on: 23/01/2015 17:08:57

Area51 posted:

It's not that they won't work it's because
They are the wrong voltage 240 volts and rated
About 5 amps where as we need 12 volts 30 amps
They will probably heat up and shorten the life of the brush
Depending on usage
posted on: 23/01/2015 18:18:34

Karl posted:

Hi 51,

I think there's a little bit of misconception here.

You quoted 240 volts @ 5 amps, this gives you a total of 1200 watts. Again you quoted 12 volts @ 30 amps, this gives you a total of 360 watts, and the wattage rating is the crucial factor. There is no chance of overheating being cause by the brushes. You will find the same brushes in a mains powered drill as in it's battery operated counterpart.

I think the reason for Chas's comment if not so much the brushes but the thinner braid connection between the cable and the brush, this is the weak point. IMHO I think they should be OK.

Anyway this is going to be a case of suck it, not *uck it, and see.
posted on: 23/01/2015 20:05:16