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Karl posted:

Present auction of a C5 with trailer in ebay.

I don't know what Sinclair had in mind when this artwork was produced. It look like it was going to be fitted with at least with a 50cc ICE,

Fat wheels, fat tyres, and hooking up this hefty trailer up to the Hi-Vis mast location.

Must admit it looks good, too good to be true.


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posted on: 18/01/2015 22:21:00

Karl posted:

So the auction has ended, they went for £822,00.

Here's me thinking a good price would be £20 each.
posted on: 28/01/2015 12:19:06


Hi Karl have you seen the size of the back wheels also the steering bar ( before they had handle bars )
I have only seen one with the bar on that was for sale some time ago ...(would love to own one or be able to reproduce one ..)
posted on: 28/01/2015 16:42:27

Area51 posted:

That was a lot of money lol
posted on: 28/01/2015 18:13:16

Karl posted:

Hi Chas,

have you seen the size of the back wheels
I did mention this in the first post.

also the steering bar
That a new one, didn't know the idea existed. Any drawings or photos available?

The price just shows how some people go overboard to own a unique item.

Now if we can persuade some of the strippers to do a load of overtime we'll end up with valuable acquisitions.
posted on: 29/01/2015 06:10:00