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Karl posted:


for those of you who want to keep their C5s as close as possible to the original. I have noticed in many photos of C5s posted in the IN that the rear frame cable protectors are missing.

These are fitted to the rear of the Y, top and bottom on the LHS, top only (behind the CB) on the RHS.

They can be obtained from a good stationery shop at a very low price. The originals are 16cm long, those from the stationery shop approx. 28cm. They can be cut with a SHARP knife, but I recommend that you clip it to a piece a stable cardboard to stop splitting during cutting. I also recommend that you glue the clips in place to prevent further loss.
posted on: 17/01/2015 23:25:02

Karl posted:

Anyone know who sinclair-c5-products is

I posted about this item in the forum just a couple of days ago and bingo they appear in

He/she has no feedback as yet, so must be a newcomer.

I can assure you that I payed a fraction of this price from the stationers.
posted on: 19/01/2015 20:10:40

dave posted:

There is another seller from Lincoln might be the same bloke ?
posted on: 19/01/2015 20:32:56

Karl posted:

Hi Dave,

His location is Lincoln.
posted on: 19/01/2015 22:12:58

Karl posted:

Here's an example of the item I mentioned, they are referred to as 'Slide Binders':

There are others advertised, mainly in boxes of 50 or a 100 items, but take care not to order anything over 5mm otherwise there will be problems with clamping.

A couple of small points. From one binder you can make two protectors, and secondly they are the same as the protectors advertised in ebay, but a lot cheaper.
posted on: 23/01/2015 21:48:26