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offyoutoddle posted:


I am currently trying to get hold of a C5, been something I've been thinking of for about 3-4 months now on and off, and found this forum and realised I'd struck Gold!

Just wondered if any regular users of them could tell me though - how much peddling do you have to do with these things, and with the shorter crank arms, and no gears, how hard is it? You hear about how it had trouble on even light hills, but is it that hard to get one up a medium, or heaven forbid a rather steep hill? I'm not shy of using a mountain bike, but that's obviously got a lot of gears, and doesn't weigh a lot.

I've read the posts on this forum quite a lot and you hear people say about batteries lasting 6-7 miles - is that worst case though, if you pull away with the motor only and leave it in all the time instead of coasting?


posted on: 13/01/2015 21:50:40

Karl posted:

Hi, and welcome to the forum.

Just a long winded quickie.

Rule N°1 never use the motor to pull away, always peddle first then engage the motor. Pulling away with the motor overloads the motor, gearbox, and drive belt.

I can't help as far as hills are concerned, it's almost flat as a pancake here. The gearing is not the best to say the least, too low for the flats, peddling like hell to assist the motor and battery, and too high for hefty inclines. I should imagine that a long steep hill would be very exhausting, as when the motor overheats it cuts out. That is unless you have the stamina of pepped up Lance Armstrong.

I converted my C5 about eight years ago by fitting a three speed hub between the pedals and the rear drive. This made life a lot easier, but because I'm getting on in age I looked for a better solution. I stared to collect bits and pieces a couple of years ago with the intention of fitting a seven speed hub, which I am now in the process of doing.

If you look through the forum you will find a post dedicated to the installation of a seven speed hub, this was done by Chas. He has a good description of all that he has done, along with photos. You could use the information from the same post to fit a three speed.

But don't let me put you off, the C5 is great fun as long as you have the patience to set one up correctly. If you have problems there are a lot of members who are only too happy to help out, as you can see in the forum.

Go for it, and the best of luck.
posted on: 13/01/2015 23:34:57

offyoutoddle posted:

thanks Karl, interesting idea of the 3 speed hub! I know others have done 24v mods, but keeping it legal is probalby a better plan from my perspective
posted on: 14/01/2015 11:42:30

Ray1 posted:

Hi and welcome.
You may have missed something regarding 24V, yes it can increase top speed and not road legal but two batteries at 12v can remain legal at 12 V and increase range not speed.
There is/was an official kit but it is very simple to fit and connect two batteries.
Don't hesitate get one or more C5 ASAP.
Good luck.
posted on: 14/01/2015 13:07:46

Dan posted:

Hi and welcome to the forum A decent car battery should give you about 15 miles in a C5. Any other questions just ask
posted on: 14/01/2015 21:12:37