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Dan posted:

Nice display for the C5's on the show tonight

I thought I'd share a screenshot from Google Analytics (The software that records website visitors). Not surprisingly, a lot of people are searching for C5's at the moment:

posted on: 09/01/2015 19:58:06

dave posted:

Time to sell ? NOT
posted on: 09/01/2015 20:11:40

dave posted:

Maybe the touch if the price is right ?
posted on: 09/01/2015 20:13:29

Area51 posted:

I think the prices will rocket now
posted on: 09/01/2015 21:20:36

dave posted:

720 on eBay matey that's mad was that one of chas's the red one ?
posted on: 09/01/2015 21:22:57

Area51 posted:

I don't know if it is Chas's but you want to put
Your touch on eBay you may get a good price
posted on: 09/01/2015 21:40:49


Hi was unable to get down to the filming wish I had been there .....
Bye Chas
posted on: 09/01/2015 22:50:48