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Zelandeth posted:

Thought this would be an interesting one.

I know quite a few people who if they had a C5 would take it out on the odd sunny day and to shows and the like...but it would see little actual use.

Scruffy sees pretty regular use here, at least a few times a week for local journeys. Hardly seems worth taking the car for journeys less than a few miles, as I'm there before the choke is even off. ...which always makes getting it started again fun as you have to play "guess the mixture" ...this lot with fuel injection...they don't know how easy they have it!

Would be fun someday to actually work out how many miles the C5 does in a year.

So, who else here has a C5 that earns its keep on a regular practical basis other than just as an enthusiast's toy?
posted on: 19/11/2014 22:45:27

C5mick posted:

Sorry just the odd run out on a sunny day
posted on: 22/11/2014 09:30:25

Karl posted:

I would if I could, but I can't so I chant.:-"
posted on: 22/11/2014 18:07:37

Dan posted:

At this time of year, not very much. If I worked locally in the range of a C5 and there wasn't any major inclines I would probably use it for work.
posted on: 23/11/2014 20:58:35

Area51 posted:

If I could peddle it then I would use it but disability
Prevents me
posted on: 24/11/2014 19:50:53

dave posted:

Can only use 1 at a time and getting to cold now
posted on: 27/11/2014 21:06:17

Jadodide posted:

every day!!
apart from going to college and rain!
posted on: 16/01/2015 14:02:20

dadandjames posted:

Only run it round the estate a few times a month.
It is just a big toy for me and the kids.

posted on: 16/01/2015 22:00:06