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Guest posted:

Can't remember my password
posted on: 18/11/2014 11:47:59

Karl posted:

Oh Dave, your'e getting to be like me.

Just as a matter of interest, who am I addressing?
posted on: 18/11/2014 15:18:17

Karl posted:

Hi Dave,

putting the 'phun' to one side.

You'll find this under 'Help'

If you forget your password, you can click on the "password.aspx">Lost Password" link. This will appear on any page that requires you to fill in your password.

This link brings up a page where you should enter your User Name. An email will be sent to that address shortly, with instructions for resetting your password.

Since passwords are encrypted, there is no way to resend your original password. This option provides you with the ability to reset your password.

You must be able to receive emails to your registered email address for this to work. You may need to check your spam filters and folder if you do not see this email in a few minutes.

Forum's quote, not mine.
posted on: 18/11/2014 15:24:45

Dan posted:

Hi Dave, If you can't reset your password using the instructions Karl posted, let me know and I will reset it and email it to you.
posted on: 18/11/2014 19:36:06

dave posted:

Don't no what happened logged in and I'm bk ?
posted on: 26/11/2014 15:08:54

Area51 posted:

Old age
posted on: 26/11/2014 20:12:32