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VickyJayR posted:

I wonder if anybody could help me,

The rear left 'Motor Wheel'on one of my C5's refuses to turn backwards and i believe that this is the root cause of my motor issues. There is a loud sqwealing noise from somewhere around this wheel when i try and push it backwards with difficulty and also when i apply power to the motor. The motor sounds under strain during this. As it stands at the moment the motor is only making a ticking sound when power is applied and seems to have given up trying to turn the wheel. Can anybody tell me what is wrong? I feel that if we can free this wheel so it will reverse the motor will work as it should.

Many thanks in advance,

posted on: 02/11/2014 14:38:52


Hi there not sure what you mean ..Do you mean the large white cog .if so it will only go one way as it should .It should only turn forwards
Bye Chas
posted on: 02/11/2014 17:34:31


There could be an issue with the washer on the axle making the axle to tight what you need to do is to take of the bolt+ the star washer an see if the wheel goes round by turning it by hand forward .also jack up the left wheel and try the motor ...

posted on: 02/11/2014 17:42:05

leylandmonster posted:

Thanks Chas on behalf of myself and Vicky. we will give it a whirl asap
posted on: 03/11/2014 15:08:32