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jifc5 posted:

I have recently purchased a C5 and after freeing up the motor brushes, it runs well.
Except the Pod is not working, but after reading other bits on the forum it will probably be a connection problem.
While checking things out in the control box I noticed that the D1 diode had a crack through it and when I tested it with a multi meter it was open circuit in both directions.
Can someone tell me. What functions will be lost due to this diode being faulty?
ie could this be my problem with the pod not working?
posted on: 21/08/2014 07:27:08

Dan posted:

I don't think it will be the reason for the POD not working. Diode D1 is there to prevent arcing of the relay contacts.
posted on: 21/08/2014 11:37:31


Hi you may find that the voltage regulator is not working as it should .it should be 12v in and 5volts out

Bye Chas
posted on: 21/08/2014 12:38:21

jifc5 posted:

Thanks guys, good bit of info.
I will check out the voltage this weekend.
posted on: 21/08/2014 22:34:40