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Deep C posted:


we have just received two reconditioned pods and control boxes and have just fitted them one after the other to our first C5,

when the battery is connected the pods light up but then when we hit the start button there is a jolt from the motor and then the power seems to cut out.

does anyone have any idea what is happening?

are there any common shorts in the loom that we should be checking?

we are a small club for autistic young folk who have decided to restore C5's and we don't really know what we're doing!!!

any help would be gratefully received.


posted on: 14/08/2014 11:39:56

dadandjames posted:

Where abouts are you?
People are always willing to help.
posted on: 14/08/2014 16:11:41

Area51 posted:

I think the first thing to try is connect the motor
Direct to the battery to see if it runs
posted on: 14/08/2014 18:13:52


Hi there welcome to the forum have a look at my YouTube videos they may help you

BYE Chas \:d/ :-({|=
posted on: 15/08/2014 06:10:48

Dan posted:

Hi and welcome After you've done the checks advised by Area51, check you're battery doesn't have a high current cut out feature on it. Car batteries will be alright but some lithium batteries have this cut out feature on them.
posted on: 15/08/2014 07:47:29

C5mick posted:

Hi and Welcome
I would suspect motor/gearbox and again I would do as Area51 says and wire motor direct to battery to test it out.
This will be a process of ruling different things out one by one and sounds like the motor is your first stop.
posted on: 22/08/2014 06:46:31