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paulc5 posted:

Can anyone point me in the right direction please I have had a Sinclair in the garage for many off a family member and the time has come to get it working. I have purchased a new battery and a new battery lead set off ebay and connected them up but there's no lights on the pod and no motor noises. What should I check and how. Thanking you in advance for any help, Paul
posted on: 11/08/2014 21:08:41

dantheref posted:

Where are you based Paul?

Maybe check the motor direct to the battery to see if its the motor?

If not could be control box issues? Might need a new control box or refurb?

If we know where you are we might be able to test it on another c5/ wiring loom ;)
posted on: 11/08/2014 21:25:47

Dan posted:

Check the Red cable, with the power on, give it a wiggle behind the POD and see if the lights come on.  Failing that, I'd check the control box. If you have a multimeter you can check the regulator is working. Check for +5V on its output pin. Check for dry solder joints in the control box and POD too.
posted on: 15/08/2014 07:51:30

paulc5 posted:

Thanks for the replies, I have now put the leads off the motor to a battery and that works fine, I then changed the fuses in the control box as they looked ok but I think they may have dried out as once I put in the 2 new fuses the pod lights all came on plus the front and rear lights and then the bad news pressing the switch on the handle bars nothing happens. Question could it be the switch and if so any idea how I check to see if it is. Thank you Paul
posted on: 18/08/2014 19:55:52

Ray1 posted:

Testing the switch is easy, there are 2 connecting wires to the switch, simply pull them off and touch them together. Or if you have a multi-meter connect the negative lead to your battery negative and test the wires to the switch for 12 volts.
posted on: 19/08/2014 14:01:27