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andries.moss posted:

Yes I am a little crazy so, when I first got my land C5 I looked and wondered if it would float. Yes just about is the answer. So not to be beaten by silly old water. I have gone back to work and improved it. Holes all filled up and some flotation devices later. I took it back to the water and tried again. Now I can sit in it but its very very unstable. I have almost made some outriggers for it. And hopefully ready for another test at lunchtime.
posted on: 23/07/2014 06:20:05

dadandjames posted:

Nice. Have you got paddles on it?
posted on: 23/07/2014 16:25:42

andries.moss posted:

It is unpowered now. But i think maybe a pedal powered paddle on the front wheel.
or i might try and find a second hand electric outboard.
posted on: 24/07/2014 05:01:40

dave posted:

Thought I was mad lol
posted on: 26/07/2014 19:03:25

andries.moss posted:

I have now an electric outboard for it. It works but needs some refinement. And more strength. So I am now thinking about using the chassis. Didn't really want to cut it up though. Hmmm Blink
posted on: 02/08/2014 10:42:35