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dadandjames posted:

James is leaving middle school (yr 8) so it is prom night. Some arrive like this [albumimg]141[/albumimg] And some like this [albumimg]140[/albumimg] But there is only one way to come really [albumimg]142[/albumimg] [albumimg]143[/albumimg] Happy prom night James
posted on: 22/07/2014 20:02:28

Area51 posted:

Well done James great way to arrive
posted on: 22/07/2014 20:37:55


Well done great to see the C5 roling up Bye Chas
posted on: 23/07/2014 05:09:27

dave posted:

Love it lol
posted on: 26/07/2014 19:08:32

C5mick posted:

Brill, think I should have kept a few of mine to hire out on prom nights
posted on: 27/07/2014 08:57:20

Dan posted:

Excellent pictures, great idea
posted on: 27/07/2014 10:01:23