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jir posted:

hi all,

I work at Riverside Museum in Glasgow and we have 2 C5's. One is on permanent display with panels all about Sir Clive and the other is one that we use for educational workshops.

I have uploaded a few pics including one of me...

The chain has recently just came off due to someone getting something stuck in it and was snapped off... but we are hoping to get it fixed.

It is amazing the amount of interest that the C5 generates amongst visitors - especially amongst the younger audiences - they love the look of it and love being able to sit inside and even pedal it around. (all under a watchful eye of course!).

We dont keep it charged to ensure its just pedal power only for safety and its always within the museums grounds away from traffic. The oldest I have had in it was an 86 year lady!

A lot of people like ourselves who remember it the first time around love seeing it in person. I had the C5 out on Saturday past - and the stories that I hear about it are great - peoples memories etc...

I also do a little session on Sir Clive and his array of amazing inventions using his TV, ZX Spectrum etc - its amazing how well known and at the same time unknown he is - the guy is up there with Edison in my opinion !

Anyways I just want to introduce ourselves and no doubt I will post and ask questions...

I think the C5 is in great condition considering it gets used a lot. But I do want to restore it to as much of its original features as possible...
posted on: 27/05/2013 14:50:50

jir posted:

Me in the C5 !
posted on: 27/05/2013 14:59:29

dave posted:

Clean looking c5 you have bud and wecome
posted on: 27/05/2013 15:35:21

Dan posted:

Very nice C5, looks in great condition

I also do a little session on Sir Clive and his array of amazing inventions using his TV, ZX Spectrum etc

The ZX Spectrum is a classic, I started out with that machine back in the '80s and is the main reason I'm a web developer now. Thanks Sir Clive!
posted on: 27/05/2013 17:18:50