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Jonatan posted:

Hello Everyone,
I have been working on my C5 for the past couple of Days now, and there is a wierd temperature issue on my C5. When I reset the Xpod, the temperature on the screen is correct and so is the motor temperature. Then slowly the temperatures start leveling up till they exceed 99 Degrees. Its not like when there are no sensors attached, it just happens very slowly. I changed the cables from the pod to the Xpod 3 times now. Each of the changes made the temperature readings more accurate and correct, but this issue is happening every time. If I reset the Arduino Nano, the scripts reset and so does the temperature to its actual level. Does anyone have a clue about why this is happening? Id be very grateful for any help!

Thanks a lot.

posted on: 21/06/2014 16:25:33

Jonatan posted:

Hello Everyone,
quick update: The motor temperature jumps around 37 Degrees C and the Temperature jumps around on 32. The actual outside temperature is 17 Degrees...The motor was never on. Actually, it doesnt really matter to me but I just dont want the motor switching off eventhough its not that hot...

posted on: 21/06/2014 16:33:39

Dan posted:

Hi Jonatan, You can check the LM35's are good. The "Ambient" temperature will depend where that particular LM35 is located.  If its soldered straight on the board and the board is in a project box then it will show quite a bit warmer as the box warms up.
posted on: 27/06/2014 19:25:06

dave posted:

The lm35 is not on soldered to the board
posted on: 28/06/2014 08:18:02

Jonatan posted:

Hi everyone,

Its not directly on the board, and the temp does work when you click reset on the nano. It slowly goes up... Testing the motor this weekend, hope everythings gonna be fine...

posted on: 10/07/2014 11:40:35