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[email protected] posted:

Good afternoon Guys

I am a new boy on the track and I have found this old C5 virtually new apart from debris from 30 years plus in Barn - and all appears to be functioning other than the Battery which needs replacing

What is the best thing to do or where do I get a new one - are there any deals out there that I can follow up on - any help would be appreciated We live near Thornbury/Chepstow and advice most welcome Cheers
posted on: 18/06/2014 13:41:55

Ray1 posted:

Others on here will tell you to go the cheapest route by buying a simple car battery of the correct size. I chose a 85 AMP leisure battery, again near enough same size as original. I fitted an on/off switch on the positive terminal, for better safety to protect the C5 electrics purchase on of the C5 battery connection kits.
Use you local motor discount shop or caravan shop for the leisure battery, or of course good old eBay.
Keep posting your updates, we all like to hear.
posted on: 18/06/2014 14:12:44

[email protected] posted:

Thanks Ray

Just to be clear are you saying I should buy a C5 battery connection kit along with a on/off switch as well as the Battery?

Much appreciated your assistance


posted on: 18/06/2014 15:40:02

Ray1 posted:

You do need cable ends to suit the battery poles. I had one for the negative pole and bought one which I can use to disconnect the battery for the positive pole, from eBay.
Universal Car Boat Van Cut off Switch Battery Disconnect Isolator 12V 24V 6V. Item number 281232537459.

I am happy to use this although it does not provide any protection to your electrics if you were ever to connect the battery wrongly.

To provide protection against this you may wish to purchase a kit instead.

C5alive wiring kit £44.99
The original and best replacement power wiring kit - a life saver ! Mixing up the positive and neutral cables when using a car battery can fry your Sinclair C5's pod and control box. This clever little kit stops that from happening as well as making it a breeze to connect and disconnect your battery for charging.
Often copied but never bettered, this is the c5alive wiring kit as originally developed by Chris Gavin-Egan and later improved by C5Martin. It is designed to replace the standard Sinclair keyswitch assembly. The standard Sinclair setup is now ageing to the point that reliability is becoming a problem and it also restricts battery choice to a type 038 or type 015 battery, both of which are fairly small capacity.
Fitting this kit permits the use of any 12v car or leisure battery that will fit in the allocated space , meaning larger capacity batteries than standard can be used potentially providing a useful increase in range.
It has a built in safety device that will not allow damage to your control box or pod if the battery is connected the wrong way round ( avoiding a large repair bill ).
Very easy to fit , with full fitting instructions included , the only specialist tools you will need are "long reach" 7mm and 8mm sockets.
As fitted to my own Sinclair C5's and those that I restore or refurbish.

A 3rd choice, you may adapt the original Sinclair battery top to fit your new battery.

That has either helped or completely confused you!!!
posted on: 18/06/2014 17:09:21

Dan posted:

Chas sells his own safety kits on ebay for £37 if I recall: Also if you have a suitable relay, cable and battery clamps its not too hard to make your own.  The "safety" feature is a diode (4001)  running inline to the relay.
posted on: 18/06/2014 17:23:37