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dave posted:

What happened to Adam harpers 150 mph c5 ?
posted on: 28/05/2014 19:03:17

dave posted:

I want it
posted on: 28/05/2014 19:04:23

Dan posted:

Its in his garage still You've got your turnip, that's faster isn't it
posted on: 28/05/2014 19:04:45

dave posted:

We're does he live ? Ill pop round and see if he's up for a swap lol
posted on: 28/05/2014 19:20:37

C5mick posted:

29mph in standard form was fast enough, lol.

I think the chassis needs a mod or two. Front shox and trailing arm rear suspension. I think someone has already done the front shox.

I am looking at modding a mod, but out of respect I will have a word with the modder first if the mod works ok. Too many mods and modders, lol
posted on: 28/05/2014 20:57:38