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Dan posted:

Not having much luck with this recently. The nozzle came loose and liquid plastic went all over the heating block, damaging the thermocouple when I tried to get it off:

posted on: 17/05/2014 18:57:19

dadandjames posted:

Was there any warranty with it. You couldnt have had it that long really. You would have a reasonable expectation it would last longer. Its worth a try. If they say it is out of warranty, you still have rights in that it should be of a reasonable quailty
posted on: 17/05/2014 21:46:10

Dan posted:

Yep I'm just waiting to hear back from makerbot, if they can send me a new thermocouple I should be able to fix the rest of it
posted on: 19/05/2014 20:43:50