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Theojw71 posted:

Hi All,

I have become a minor local celebrity, since picking up my C5 from down South a fortnight ago. Still getting used to the fame...

I have taken to cruising my wonder-machine, Batman-style, around the neighbourhood in the evenings. It stops traffic, with most people gaping wide-mouthed or asking, "What IS that???" Other beep their horns and wave.

The C5 is very well received. I'm amazed that most people have never seen one or remember it from the 80s, whilst a few people 'of a certain age' remember every detail.

I'm running 12v, with indicators and side skirts, grey boot and original brakes with plastic front wheel and City Jet tyres all round.

This is definitely the most fun you can have at 15 mph.
posted on: 12/05/2014 19:22:20

dave posted:

Hey mate welcome I'm from a little place called atherton put now in hull
posted on: 12/05/2014 20:26:24


Hi there welcome to the site if you need any help/info just ask bye Chas
posted on: 13/05/2014 07:02:18

Dan posted:

Hi and welcome to the website  It's always amusing when people wave and beep at you, most people I come across don't know what it is and think its something new.
posted on: 13/05/2014 17:32:14

Gus6 posted:

Just got a c5 only in Horwich how do you go about insurance and legality on the road
posted on: 16/07/2014 15:08:57


Hi there as long as you are 14 or older you can legally go on the road without ins tax MOT .
posted on: 16/07/2014 15:18:37

Gus6 posted:

That's great news do you use the cycle lanes sorry for all the questions
posted on: 16/07/2014 15:34:28


Cycle lane footpaths roads no problem :-s
posted on: 16/07/2014 17:27:25