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andries.moss posted:

Hi all.
This is my first ever post on anything like this.
I have 1 and a half C5s. One I have converted to 24v with the Porter 5 controller (only i melted the gearbox. so i am waiting for the upgrade part).
I will post some photos of it very soon.

posted on: 06/05/2014 08:31:05

dave posted:

Hi and welcome upgraded gearbox ?
posted on: 06/05/2014 08:50:59


Hi there Andy welcome to the forum I will get back to you when I have the info ....Bye Chas
posted on: 06/05/2014 10:18:47

Dan posted:

Hi and Welcome to the Website. Glad to hear from someone who has used the Porter controller, look forward to seeing the pics
posted on: 06/05/2014 16:59:54

andries.moss posted:

Here are some pictures. Not the best I know.
posted on: 06/05/2014 19:08:34

andries.moss posted:

And this is what happened to my gearbox....
posted on: 06/05/2014 19:15:55

Area51 posted:

Hi you have done a great job on the c5 Andries
posted on: 06/05/2014 19:23:26

andries.moss posted:

Thanks Area 51
It still needs a bit of tidying up though.
But to be honest I just looked on here and used a lot of ideas from Chas.
I have a three speed Sturmey Archer hub to install.
posted on: 06/05/2014 19:30:32