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Poze posted:

Hi all

Im doing up a C5 and have come across an odd pod fault.

Check the video below, specifically the last 30 seconds to see the fault.

Basically the LEDS didnt light, so I made a small repair to the circuit board in the Control Box, I added a small wire to repair a fault on the board itself.

Then the pod LEDS lit! Result i thought.

But when I press the microswitch for the motor, the motor works well and is quick, but the Pod LEDS dim and turn off. If i release the micro switch, then LEDs come back on immediatly.

Any ideas?

C5 is standard, except for new cables with Quick release battery connectors (Heavy duty modern wire). The motor was really crappy, ie sat along time and crappy. But I rebuilt it/cleaned it. The C5 pulls very well on the road still though.


posted on: 29/04/2014 21:52:20

Dan posted:

Hi Paul,

It is very strange this problem, I couldn't remember if you said whether you've switched out the control box for a know working one? Just to eliminate the control box as the cause?

Watching the video it would point to an electrical fault in the CB but I could be wrong. Is the POD okay on your other C5's? It can't be a loose connection like I initially thought.

Sorry I've still not got around to posting those pin headers to you These are the ones you were after weren't they:


posted on: 30/04/2014 19:01:39

Poze posted:

Hey Dan
Cheers for the reply.

I have checked the POD on another C5 so this is ok, the red loom is also ok.

So its probably the Control box or maybe a motor issue...

I'll probably swap over the motor this weekend to eliminate this, otherwise consider testing another Control Box, i just dont like to swap them round when i know there could be a chance of burning my good one out.

Re the photo you posted, im actually after the plug on the Red loom, that basically slots onto the image you posted. there laptop ones but im not sureā™  where to buy them...!

posted on: 30/04/2014 21:11:26

Dan posted:

Hi Paul,

How about these connectors:

I've tried it on a POD and it fits perfectly. You will just have to solder the crimps onto some wires.  I've got 2 of them you can have, not sure where I got them from, ebay somewhere Will try to find them and add them to the shop if they work out for you.  Can you PM me your address again?
posted on: 05/05/2014 18:22:12

Poze posted:

Hey Dan
These look perfect, I shall send you an email.

Much appreciated And will post some pics once a loom is made, will also post link to the correct red wire.

posted on: 06/05/2014 06:34:09