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rekooh99 posted:

How hot can the motor get and still be safe .I have a digital gauge which shows 70`c after about 15 mins use.
posted on: 16/04/2014 09:21:16

Dan posted:

I will have to look it up later to be 100% but off the top of my head I'm sure that above 70°C the POD will cut off the motor.  I'm surprised it gets that hot after only 15 minutes, I guess the terrain is a bit hilly where you're using it?
posted on: 16/04/2014 12:35:55

rekooh99 posted:

Yes Dan hilly and with a fat bloke on board don t have a pod fitted so I ll just have to keep an eye on the temp. Thanks for the help.
posted on: 16/04/2014 15:27:16

kamztrad posted:

The hottest one of my motors got without any permanent damage was just over 100 degrees cent after running on 36v, but I think I was pretty lucky and certainly wouldn't recommend any temp above 80 at the max, this is only by my experience of course.

posted on: 16/04/2014 18:26:04