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Poze posted:

Hi guys

I was given a couple of home made "red wire" pod looms a while back and told that the connectors at the ends were from a laptop.

Before i head into a laptop shop/maplins? to enquire about buying some of these....

Does anyone know if i can buy some of these Connector/plugs from ebay? and maybe someone can recomend the right size guage Red wire to make my own looms!?

The connectors themselves have a splicing action on the top, so basically i can push in the thin red wire into the top, then the connector basically splices/grips it and electrical connection made. So pretty easy to make.

I just want to make a longer Test loom up and also buy some spare connectors to replace some dodgy original ones ( few mins to swap them over).

posted on: 15/04/2014 21:18:15