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Poze posted:

Hello all

Someone may have experienced this and can offer assistance..!

So, when I drive one of my (new project) C5s, if i let go of he handlebars at any speed, the C5 pulls to one side and also the handle bars shake because the front wheel begins to shake.

If i hold the handle bars then it steers normal, just shimmies and wobbles when i let go. I dont generally make a habit of driving "no handed" , but I can just tell this isnt normal for a C5.

So i swapped over the front tyre for a new original and also rechecked the bearing play on the front wheel. When i move the handlebars a bit there is a small bit of play on the steering parts.

Anyone got an ideas?

If not, i will try swapping the front wheel over it its entirety, then say swap the rear wheels one at a time incase maybe ones buckled??


posted on: 15/04/2014 21:07:54

kamztrad posted:

To be fair Paul my c5's all do that as well, thinks it's just the way the steering and geometry is set up - when I let go of the bars it shakes alarmingly and violently from side to side - I strongly suggest you don't let go of the bars as it is most disconcerting and probably not very good for the steering components,
posted on: 15/04/2014 21:19:32

Poze posted:

Yeah, this one though is definetly faulty as all my other C5s drive perfect when I let go ( I dont let go generally, but I know it shouldnt wobble when I do).

So i reckon it could be a faulty wheel or maybe loose steering part.

The C5 is in very good and unrestored condition, almost close to being "excllent", just this annoying shake and steering to one side or the other a little.

Cheers :)
posted on: 15/04/2014 21:35:42

rekooh99 posted:

Could be the rose joints on the steering rod or maybe a warped front wheel.
posted on: 16/04/2014 09:15:36

Jadodide posted:

Yep mine does the same. I did build mine out of some original parts including that dreded plastic front wgeel! When I let go of the bars it shakes violantly!
Thats just british engineering for you! Lol
posted on: 09/05/2014 20:15:58

Jadodide posted:

Sorry I meant wheel. Im using my phone and it has a terible keyboard!
posted on: 09/05/2014 20:17:47