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WisdomWarlord posted:

Hi there. I don't own a C5, but it is a major inspiration for a trike project I'm doing. Mine is based on a Sun EZ-3 USX HD. It's a 3 wheel delta recumbent with under-seat steering. Pretty similar to the Sinclair C5. I think the C5 is the most appropriately designed mass-produced HPV ever. As such, it's serving as reference points for several areas of my own trike.

My plans include:
Widening the rear from 32" to 42"
Lowering the pilot seat height from 18" to 13"
Building a front air deflector, air deflectors for the handlebars, as well as a trunk area that serves as an Aero tailbox.

The idea is to make it handle better than anything on 3 wheels, efficient, and comfortable, while still allowing me to be exposed to the world I ride in.

The final point is to install a 500w 24v electric assist, and seeing the touchscreen system on this site, it's exactly what my trike needs.

So, I hope this community will welcome a trike pilot who is using the C5 as inspiration, not perspiration.

posted on: 15/04/2014 00:10:18

Dan posted:

Hi Keith and welcome to the website Even though its not a C5 you're quite welcome to post on the forum.  From the images I've seen floating around Google it is quite similar to the C5 (minus the white body).
posted on: 15/04/2014 18:39:10

WisdomWarlord posted:

Thanks Dan,
I'm looking forward to turning my trike into one able to carry me thousands of miles reliably and inexpensively, to anyplace I decide to be. Lessons learned in the C5 community are going to be quite valuable to that end.
posted on: 18/04/2014 15:59:26

Dan posted:

Hi Keith,

Just looking for a picture of the trike, is it one similar to this:

They look pretty cool. Have you got a motor on yours?
posted on: 18/04/2014 20:07:00

WisdomWarlord posted:

Yup Dan, that's my trike after a good bath :-)
No motor yet, but I have all the bits to install a 500w electric motor assist and a 450w generator for unlimited range and to provide power to lights, cell phone, air horns (two of them), electric air compressor, and several other electric items, including the touch screen monitoring system I've seen here on this site.
posted on: 18/04/2014 21:30:00