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Dan posted:

Hi All,

Have just got around to scanning in some slides from the C5 launch, the Crowthorne test run.  I'll get these added to a proper gallery section on the website soon:

posted on: 17/03/2014 19:21:38

Area51 posted:

Great slides thanks for sharing
posted on: 17/03/2014 20:14:46

dave posted:

great slides mate thanks for sharing with us
on slide 3 is the woman saying you lost your mirror mate ? and watch out the traffic lights as they are not working there must have been a power cut after you charged your bats lol
posted on: 20/03/2014 19:38:50

Area51 posted:

What she is saying is I have just seen Dave and he has got
36 volts lol
posted on: 20/03/2014 19:48:23

dave posted:

you want to go 72 area lol
posted on: 20/03/2014 19:51:19

Area51 posted:

72 I will need wings lol
posted on: 20/03/2014 19:56:05

Poze posted:

Great slides!
I think there were about 5 sets on ebay, I bid for a few sets but alas didnt win any.

nice 1!
posted on: 15/04/2014 20:24:32