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simon.carter.564 posted:

Just got my C5 up and running. Covered 8 miles today. It's ace, but a bit slow even with me peddling like mad

Please could someone point me in the direction of the 24v conversion

My first real run photo attached

posted on: 28/02/2014 17:48:47

Area51 posted:

nice pic i like the helmet
posted on: 28/02/2014 19:03:02

Dan posted:

LOL Nice pic  For 24V conversions the preferred method is to use the uni-8 controller by 4qd.  I have done this conversion here:

Converting the C5 to 24V will mean you removing the control box/pod and replacing it with the uni-8, throttle, a cooling fan for your motor and a bunch of wiring to get it all working.  Ignore the touchscreen in that link, that's just so I can see whats going on with the C5 as the POD is gone you need something to measure the voltage etc.

One thing often overlooked when wanting a faster C5 is the battery type. Although more expensive, using a light weight LifePo4 battery makes a big difference to c5 performance and hill climbing.  I had a friend over last weekend to test a regular C5 with a 60Ah car battery (16KG) and then a 2.5KG 20Ah LifePo4 golf cart battery and he couldn't believe the difference in acceleration and a better speed. On top of the lighter weight it also keeps the C5 legal on the roads as you're not increasing the voltage Downside is the cost, but I thought it worth mentioning
posted on: 28/02/2014 19:33:52

simon.carter.564 posted:

Hi Dan. That other battery idea sounds very interesting. Though I have just bought a direct replacement battery I think I prefer the idea of changing the battery for a modern alternative instead of removing the pod etc. If possible Please could you tell me the exact battery I need. I work in the motor trade and get parts at cost

Thank you

With regard to the helmet, it is mint. It's got a built in retractable sun visor behind the clear visor.
posted on: 28/02/2014 19:45:43

Dan posted:

Hope you're sitting down, a 20Ah battery costs £190, this is the one I got of ebay:

Ping battery in China will make any size lifepo4 battery for you at cheaper prices.
posted on: 01/03/2014 13:12:14

simon.carter.564 posted:

Oh! It's a lot lighter though too. I think I will invest in one. How many mikes does it last?
posted on: 02/03/2014 12:33:33

Dan posted:

[quote=simon.carter.564;2730]Oh! It's a lot lighter though too. I think I will invest in one. How many mikes does it last?[/quote]

When I was running on one of these it would do about 14 miles with a lot of motor use. Another plus side of these batteries is they can recharged about 2000 times if looked after properly, compared to about 400 times for a car battery.  And of course, the light weight means pedaling is a doddle
posted on: 02/03/2014 17:11:16