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simon.carter.564 posted:

Today my C5 blasted into life, I felt like a kid at Christmas hearing that Wurrr that I have never heard before (I'm I was born in '82 I have always loved cars. I even sell them for a living now, this was the first "car" I ever wanted. - so, after years of searching for the "right one" in a realistic location I bought a non-runner. And after getting great help and advice from this site my C5 aka "Clive" lives to ride another 28 years

It has been a really great day. I feel elated - I couldn't drive it today as I am waiting for a chain tensioner and new battery - tested him today using my company car with jump leads (car was not running)

Due to the cold weather, me not having a garage currently and due to having an understanding wife my C5 was repaired indoors (see photo)

Also. Does anyone know where the name "C5" came from? I named mine after the "man who had a brilliant idea 20 years too early" Sir Clive Sinclair. Shortened to just "Clive". Then I thought. "C5live". Was that the inspiration for the name? Or am I just reading too much into this?

Thank you.

Great day, thank youth everyone who has helped me so far
posted on: 26/02/2014 19:36:24

Dan posted:

Nice one, it looks great You're lucky, most of us are not allowed a C5 in the house

As for the name, I had the same conversation with a friend last week about the name "C5". I myself do not know but we guessed it may be: the "C" from Clive.  Clive rhymes with 5 There are 5 letters in "Clive". Anybody else out there with some ideas why it was called "C5"
posted on: 26/02/2014 20:31:34

simon.carter.564 posted:

Yeah. I'm "not allowed " either buy she who must usually be obeyed is angling for a horsebox/aka another vehicle to tax, service, mot and insure. Yippee so I dangled the carrot about buying her one. She and her brother helped lift it in - result!

I will have to buy her one soon, but I currently have a great excuse. She knows I detest Renaults, and the only 3.5t box with a low floor is a Renault/vauxhall partnership. - "you're not having a Renault love, you know I hate them x"

I researched the C5 name and came across Sir Clive's plans for a bigger C10 and C15 after the "success" of the C5

Also. Does anyone know how many c5s are left in the Uk? With a car / bike you can go to no reg on my c5 so I've no idea
posted on: 26/02/2014 21:00:10