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simon.carter.564 posted:

I have just become the proud owner of a complete, standard, clean c5 new tyres and battery is on order. - and the newest member to this site - thank you

the motor doesn't run, when the micro switch is pressed 12v is sent to the motor I spoke to a nice man on ebay called Chas (pointed me here) who said as this c5 was allegedly put away working the carbons had probably stuck but I can remember what he said to fix this I have the option of a used motor for £60 or new for £140 but I'd rather not spend any money I don't have to

thank you

posted on: 23/02/2014 16:23:53


Hi there Simon welcome to the site Im sure you will be able to get the C5 running very soon if not just get back and post the problem on the forum I will be here to help and there are more here that will help you as well ...Bye Chas \:d/ \:d/ \:d/ \:d/ \:d/
posted on: 23/02/2014 16:34:36

Area51 posted:

You could try putting the motor directly across a 12 volt battery
If it works then you know it is not the motor at least this may narrow the fault down
posted on: 23/02/2014 16:40:37

kamztrad posted:

Welcome to the site Simon, your c5 looks like a nice one, have you tried to turn the motor by hand - just wondering if it's seized - as Area said, you could try connecting it direct to a 12v battery to see what happens, sounds like it is seized in some way as you said you have 12v to the motor but it won't turn -

sounds like Chas thinks the carbon brushes could be stuck, if so it may be the case that you can turn the motor but it won't run as the brushes are stuck in the holders and are not touching the commutator - probably just needs stripping down and reassembling and I'm sure someone can point you to the necessary info on the site to show you how to do this - good luck with it anyway and hope this helps,

posted on: 23/02/2014 17:15:27

dave posted:

ive had that just tap the motor with a big hammer
posted on: 23/02/2014 20:07:16

Dan posted:

Hi Simon,

Welcome to the website  Yep, as already mentioned, the motor is most likely to have seized.  Hope you can get it fixed...
posted on: 23/02/2014 20:13:11

dave posted:

Welcome to the site Simon marra is near you if you need any help ask him sure he will help u hes a good bloke
posted on: 23/02/2014 20:29:58

simon.carter.564 posted:

Hi again. Yes the motor turns by hand, on my next day off, I'll try the 12v directly to the motor, failing that, I'll try the tap with a hammer,, failing that I'll try to strip the motor down. I have the comfort if I balls it up I can just buy a new or preloved motor Also has anyone done the 24v conversion? Assuming part of the conversion that is a different motor. Is that the case? If so can I buy the 24v motor. Will the conversion add value or reduce value? My original intention was to keep it stock/standard but technology has moved on and some bits have vastly improved, I would of course keep all the original parts. Your thoughts please

Oh also, is a mild abrasive like jif the best cleaner for the plastic or G3/t-cut or pledge polish. Thank you
posted on: 23/02/2014 21:41:18

Dan posted:

The 24V conversion I did (and a lot of other people do) as posted here involves keeping the standard C5 motor and using a uni-8 controller/2x 12v batteries to send 24v to the motor using an analog throttle to give precise control of the speed.

This method works really well, the only points of caution are that you need a decent cooling fan attached to the motor and you need to accelerate slowly as the gearbox can't take too much acceleration at 24v

Will it decrease the value? Probably. You can't use it legally on the road too.
posted on: 24/02/2014 20:59:10

simon.carter.564 posted:

Hi Dan. That does make sense, with regard to a the gearbox. I may have dreamt it but I'm sure I saw a metal gear gear-box to handle the higher torque I'm sure this would help. Not that I ever plan on selling it, however being a car salesman for 12 years EVERYTHING is always for sale at the right price,(wife, gran, house,car, horse motorcycle. Everything except my dog has a price - I was offered 12 camels for my blonde wife once, I had to think really hard) I'll always find another replacement

What is the best think to clean the plastic with please? Also. How easy is it to get the chassis totally on its own (to take to work for light grey powder-coating?)

What would be the fine if I was caught doing 30 in a c5? Or would it affect my licence? I need it for work and my motorcycle insurance is a joke already (£1080pa)

posted on: 24/02/2014 22:00:04